Retail Cleaning

OMS specialises in providing a one-stop solution for all retail cleaning services. We understand the importance of having a trusted and experienced cleaning team to maintain high levels of hygiene cleanliness within retail. That is why we invest in highly trained and experienced teams that consistently deliver on our commitment to a high-quality service.



Why use Owens Management Services for your Event Clean

We have provided cleaning services for all types of retail facilities – from large multistorey shopping centres, to chain department stores, to small shopfronts. No matter the sqm, we have got you covered!

We provide an all-encompassing cleaning plan tailored to your retail cleaning and store cleaning needs. Our comprehensive services covers a broad spectrum including routine cleaning, carpet cleaning, toilet and amenities cleaning, car park cleaning, floor stripping and sealing, window cleaning – and everything in between.

Our clients praise us for our attention to detail, open communication and comprehensive services – from our provision of cleaning staff, to our supply of consumables, to our supply of specialised cleaning machinery.

As a specialist commercial cleaning company with many years of retail cleaning experience and highly trained teams of cleaning experts, we are confident in our ability to deliver a highly successful clean for all types of retail facilities.

Our international accreditations, specialised training, and quality, environmental and OHS policies and procedures, ensures that OMS delivers a consistently high-quality service.

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Our Retail Cleaning Guarantee: We leave your site in a better condition than when it was handed to us!

✔ Internationally accredited Quality Management (ISO 9001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001) & OHS Management Systems (ISO 45001)

✔ Nationally accredited in Cm3 for our safety, insurances and OHS standards in the industry

✔ Capability to cater for small events to large events with over 50,000 people

✔ Excellent communication before, during & after

✔ Highly experienced & qualified team

✔ Over 10 years of satisfied customers

✔ Supervisor allocated to site for free

✔ Director on site for free when possible

✔ Evidenced reporting with during and after photos

✔ Pain-free, no-fuss experience for our clients

Retail Cleaning Services

We provide a customised service tailored to your retail cleaning needs such as:

• Daily routine cleaning, carpet and tile cleaning
• Floor stripping and sealing
• Toilet and amenities cleaning
• Car park cleaning and line marking
• Building cleaning and maintenance
• Window cleaning and abseil window cleaning

OMS Types of Retail Venues

We service all types of retail venues no matter how small or how big including:

• Shopping Centres & Retail Centres
• Department Stores
• Shopfront Premises
• Franchise & Chain Stores
• Retail Outlets


“I am a Facilities Manager in Brisbane CBD and OMS is our cleaning services provider for the last 2 years. I had the opportunity in my position as a FM to work with various cleaning companies in the past in Sydney and Brisbane so I could see the difference from day one when I start working with Damien and his Team. Their commitment to provide a top shelf service is well known in Brisbane and QLD in general. Easy to communicate and always available to respond on after hours calls, weekends or public holidays. If you are in the process of tendering for the Cleaning Services give OMS the opportunity to submit a quotation and you won’t be disappointed. Congratulations Damien and Team for another successful year and looking forward to a long working relationship with your company.”

Larry - Facility Manager

“Owens Management Services (OMS) are the first commercial cleaning company we always approach because we know we will get our building looking very clean and presentable. They set up a thorough scope of works which continually updates with the changing conditions and the cleaners are put through a thorough training program and regularly monitored. As future contracts come up for tender, we will ensure OMS are invited as we have confidence in them.”