Event Cleaning

OMS specialises in event cleaning services and waste management. We have experienced and qualified teams that are on-hand for all event cleaning and festival cleaning needs.

We have catered for all types of events – from small street festivals of 1,500 people to large events for over 50,000 people. Therefore no matter the attendance number, we have got you covered!



Why use Owens Management Services for your Event Clean

Our waste management services covers the full spectrum including the supply of 240L bins, large skips, a compactor, an operator, drop-off, pick-up and waste disposal.

As a specialist commercial cleaning company with many years of event cleaning experience and highly trained teams of event cleaning experts, we are confident in our ability to deliver a highly successful clean for all types of events.

Our Guarantee: We leave your site in a better condition than when it was handed to us!

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Our Event Cleaning Guarantee: We leave your site in a better condition than when it was handed to us!

Internationally accredited Quality Management (ISO 9001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001) & OHS Management Systems (ISO 45001)

✔ Nationally accredited in Cm3 for our safety, insurances and OHS standards in the industry

✔ Capability to cater for small events to large events with over 50,000 people

✔ Excellent communication before, during & after

✔ Highly experienced & qualified team

✔ Over 10 years of satisfied customers

✔ Supervisor allocated to site for free

✔ Director on site for free when possible

✔ Evidenced reporting with during and after photos

✔ Pain-free, no-fuss experience for our clients

OMS Event Cleaning Services

We service all types of events no matter how small or how big including:

• Festivals & Concerts
• Parties & Ceremonies
• Exhibitions & Trade Shows
• Seminars & Conferences
• Parties & Ceremonies

OMS Types of Events

We provide a customised service tailored to your event cleaning needs such as:

• General event cleaning
• Full on-site management
• Waste disposal and management
• High pressure cleaning
• Pre-event and post-event cleaning
• Washroom and shower facilities cleaning

Teneriffe Festival

“Damian and his team take on the task of looking after the entire cleaning and overall waste management for the Teneriffe Festival… and it is an enormous task.  We have approximately 40,000 people in attendance, and the area is full of festival goers for 11 hours! OMS fully manages the whole day, looking after the bins, ground rubbish, general upkeep of the streets and fully maintaining the toilets. The post event clean-up brings the suburb back to its shiny beginnings, with a full team detailing the streets, gardens and pathways paying attention to every aspect to return it back to the Community in its full glory. As always there are some difficult curve balls throw in on the day which Damian and the team take it in their stride and get these issues sorted as a priority. A huge thank you to the OMS team for delivering another perfect event clean.” 

Sold Out National Event Management

“We used OMS for the cleaning and waste management services at our event in Gold Coast. We had 15,000 people attend. With this came a large amount of food trucks and toilets. OMS staff, led by Damien on the day, was absolutely brilliant. There were zero issues. The site was always clean, the bins always empty and they stayed late to ensure the site was left in an appropriate state. I highly recommend using OMS for the reasons listed above as well as the superb communication, flexibility and planning in the lead up stages.”