nano coating technology
Cleaning technology has come a long way in protecting your fabrics, floors and fixtures with one of the most recent advancements – nano coating technology. Nano is 1000 times smaller than an atom which allows it to penetrate into the surface affecting the density which gives it a repelling ability that protects against water, dirt, stains, grease, fingerprints and many more. The best part is the coating only needs to be applied every 12 months
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Why cleaning is important in the workplace
The impact of a clean workplace is often overlooked however having a clean work environment significantly impacts employees and your success as a business. We’ve summarised 8 key reasons why cleaning is important in the workplace: 1. Cleaning prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses An alarming amount of research highlights the jaw-dropping statistics of bacteria and germs within the average workplace, with the average office desk now home to more than 10 million bacteria
commercial cleaning, office cleaning
Risks in hiring an unregistered contractor
Did you know there are massive risks involved in hiring an unregistered contractor to complete work on your behalf? While it may seem tempting to go down this route to save funds, there are implications that could land you in some serious strife. For example: Fines: The Queensland Building and Constructions Commission recently reported that four companies were fined a total of $40,000 for utilising an un-registered builder. Insurance: If your contractor is unregistered, they will not have
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restaurant cleaning
Does your restaurant shine like it should? Here at OMS we understand time is valuable and you shouldn’t have to worry about the cleanliness of your business while trying to run it. We clean some of the most revered venues across South East Queensland and we would love to help you make your business sparkle! When it comes to cleaning services, different industries require a different set of specialised equipment and skills to meet their every cleaning need.
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Commercial cleaning services
We’ve had so many clients say to us lately ‘Wow! I didn’t know you did that!’ so we thought it was time we touched base to give you a quick update on our extended range of facilities maintenance services. Our focus has been, and always will be, on providing the highest level of service to our clients, and we know one of the best ways to do this is to ensure we provide a holistic
commercial cleaning, facilities maintenance

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